Dàn âm thanh cao cấp B&W 803 D3s
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When the client wants to listen to some vinyl on his turntable or stream music from his Bluesound Node 2i, he simply presses “music” on his Universal Remote TRC-1080 or iPad (or any of his devices that have the URC Mobile 2.0 app loaded onto it). To switch over to a movie, he presses “movie”. It’s that simple for the client: one button and the system takes care of the rest.
What the client doesn’t see is that when they press the “movie” button, the Universal Remote MRX-8 engages system power on his Marantz AV8805, a 12v trigger turns on the McIntosh MC8207, McIntosh C2600, McIntosh MEN220, and McIntosh MC462. The volume control on the C2600 becomes disengaged and the audio signal flows through the pre-amp to the MEN220 and then MC462. When the client presses “music”, the system turns on the McIntosh C2600 and a 12v trigger turns on the MEN220 and MC462. The perfect harmony of a high-fidelity stereo and a world-class home theater system in one room.
Speakers: Bowers and Wilkins 802 D3s, 707 S2 bookshelf speakers used as rear surrounds, HTM1 D3 center speaker – all in satin white finish with CCM Cinema 7 in-ceiling speakers.
Sources: McIntosh MT5 precision turntable, Bluesound Node2i wireless music streamer, Sony UBPX800 4K UHD Blu-ray player (also used as a CD player),  Marantz AV8805
Control system: Universal Remote Control Total Control MRX-8, TRC-1080 remote.
Speaker wire and Interconnects: Audioquest Rocket 88 speaker wire, Audioquest Sydney RCA cables, Audioquest Saturn Ground wire, Audioquest MacKenzie XLR cables, Audioquest NRGZ3 power cables, Audioquest Monsoon 20amp power cable, Audioquest Forest optical cable, Audioquest Forest High Speed HDMI cables, Audioquest Cinnamon Coaxial Digital Audio Cables, Audioquest Black Lab subwoofer cable.
Additional Highlights: Sony XBR85X900F 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, Salamander Chameleon Quad Miami cabinet, Furman Elite 20 PF i Ultra Linear AC Power Conditioner, Fortinet FS108E network switch, JL Audio E112 12″ 1500W subwoofer.
System Designer: Austin Marvel, Ardmore Showroom
Programmers & Technicians: Brian Sowden, Noah Mastin

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